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3. The Prodigies App

Our website, and our app, Prodigies Music Lessons, work as one in the same with the exception of your password.

You can download our app for free, but to unlock all 300+ videos, simply enroll at

You can also signup through iTunes and Google Play, but it makes it a bit harder for us to provide you with priority support in our Livechat, to give you easy refunds and help you out with things like that.

Then, once you've enrolled through, download the app on your favorite device, and enter the e-mail address you used to make your account.. 

With your email address entered, either use the Forgot Password link or the "Magic Sign In Link" to connect the app.

You'll then get an e-mail with a reset or a Magic Sign in Link depending on which you chose.

For more details, check out the video walkthrough below:

We also have 2 Free instrument apps

 1. PsP Bells: Kids Instrument App - big and easy to play bells in C Major

 2. Prodigies Bells - more notes and swipe enabled bells 

PsP Bells App

 We do have an  instrument app that you can use in companion with our website! It features the 8 Bells (and more coming soon) that we use inside Preschool Prodigies and PsP Melodies. 

PSP Bells App for iTunes

Free Podcast App

Finally, we also have a free app that is kind of leftover from our days of being a video podcast. We still air content in the app, and it generally contains the latest 10 episodes of our show, but we have moved most of our free-video focus to YouTube, which has a better maintained video player and overall look/feel.

The free episodes are more seasonal and only represent a small portion of the content we have inside the Playground. The app does work great to make sure you always have a couple hand-sign lessons in your back pocket!

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