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Why do Lifetime members only get 1 free year of app access?

Why the Free Year of App Access?

We try to go above and beyond for our Lifetime Members, and so we’re providing a year of free app access to ALL of you as a part of the app launch! We’d love to do more than that, but that’s about the best we can do given the cost and circumstances of the app launch.

You’ll of course continue to have access to everything in Prodigies Lifetime via without any change – this is just applying to a brand-new, never before discussed or announced app that’s coming out July 31st.

Because we’re partnering with Vimeo to build the app, and because our company is charged per active user per month, it’s going to cost us close to $15,000 to give all of our Lifetime Members a year to access the app for free. For our relatively small family company, this is a big expense that we’re a bit scared of taking on. Still, we’re willing to take that on to say thank you to all of our Lifetime Members!

We’re hoping that in return, you will download the app on launch day and leave a 5-star review the day it launches. Getting a lot of reviews in the app store will help the app gain visibility in the mainstream, which will hopefully bring a whole lot of new users on board who can help us cover the expenses that come with launching our app across 6 different platforms.

Of course you’ll have continued access to Prodigies Lifetime on like you already have, and if you find that using the app is more convenient, we’ll be offering Lifetime Members one-time use coupon codes for 75% off app access starting next July right before your free year of access runs out.

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