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0. What is Prodigies?

If you're brand new here, welcome to Prodigies!

Prodigies is a colorful online music curriculum.  Think of it like Netflix meets Hooked on Phonics with an emphasis on playing a musical instrument. It's a website, an app and a curriculum that's all about giving young children a fun, effective and accessible music education.

To really see if Prodigies is right for you and your kids, your best bet is to visit to try out 10 Lesson Starter Program free.

If you enjoy the Starter program, we have over 300 additional videos and a step-by-step curriculum that's housed at and in the Prodigies Music Lessons app.

If you're looking for an instrument for your kids, we highly recommend these   colorful and durable deskbells! They tend to prevent errors because you can isolate the notes. They are also great for toddlers who may still have limited dexterity. They also don't slip out of tune like a guitar or piano.

For free articles, how-tos, and all kinds of music ed related content, visit  the Prodigies blog.

On the blog, we talk a lot about the  cognitive benefits of playing a musical instrument or learn how you can jumpstart your child's music education with the secret ingredient of "meaningful exposure to pitch." 

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