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Can I Slow Down the Speed of your Music Lesson Videos?

Yes - it's actually built right into the Playground! There are two easy ways to achieve this and neither method will alter the pitch of the music.

1) Most of the Prodigies Playground videos actually have this feature built right into the video player. Click here for a tutorial on how it works!

2) If you have the downloaded versions of our videos from  Prodigies Lifetime, you'll want to download VLC player (free) for playing back your videos and look for "Playback Speed" in the Playback menu.

Generally, slowing down the lessons to .8x speed will help make the lessons more approachable. Maybe it's your first time going through the lesson, or maybe your kids are on the younger side, so slowing it down is a really handy tool, helping us make the most out of our lesson. On the flip side, you can speed up the lessons if you find that they're a little too slow or to make them a little more challenging.

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