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What are the Differences between the Deskbells you Sell?

Generally, we carry three different sets of deskbells. They are all color-coded to the Chromanotes system and high quality. These are not toy bells, but tuned like actual instruments.

1. Prodigies C Major Bells: These 8 notes make up the core instrument we use inside Preschool Prodigies and the first half of Primary Prodigies. The set comes with 8 notes, which can also be found on the white keys of piano (C D E F G A B c).

2. Chromatic Expansion Set: This 5 note expansion adds the sharps and flats, which can also be found on the black keys of a piano (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#). They will become a necessary instrument for the latter half of Primary Prodigies (Chapters 13 -16).

3. Bass and Treble Expansion Set: This 7 note expansion builds your bells into higher and lower octaves with a lower A, A#, and B, as well as a higher C#, D, D#, and E! This expansion will be a suggested add-on for the latter half of Primary Prodigies (Chapters 13 -16), but not absolutely required.

A note on Resonator Bells:

We sometimes carry colorful xylophone-looking bells called Resonator Bells. These are beautiful instruments for teachers and children with more fine motor control, but they're not as easy to play as the Deskbells above. They are also difficult to find and expensive to manufacture.

If you have your heart set on getting a set of Resonator Bells, we generally have an Amazon link in our shop to help point you toward the right set. Plus, we occasionally carry these directly in our shop, but they tend to sell out quickly.

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