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Who Made Preschool Prodigies?

Preschool Prodigies is owned and operated by a very small team of teachers, musicians and producers.

Rob Young and Jeff Sedwick began making short movies together in high-school, and the duo paired up to pilot the OG Sweet Beets video. Rob's background as a computer nerd, a music teacher and kids' entertainer, along with Jeff's background in lighting, film production, and computers helped spawn the first PsP video lessons. The main idea came from Rob's desire to simplify color-coded index cards for reading music into a fun and TV-show styled presentation, and a week or two later, he and Jeff were rolling on a green screen in a particularly freezing Maryland farmhouse attic.

Sam Young, (Mrs. Rob) quickly got involved on the curriculum side of things while getting her Masters in Educational Technology. Her seven year success as an English teacher, and a team leader leader at an inner-city school in Wilmington, DE, brought a lot of formal framework and structure to Rob and Jeff's newly made videos.

Together, the team bounces between web development, music production, video production, curriculum writing, customer support, shipping logistics, business development and all the other crazy things that come with running a business. They easily work 40+ hours each week, very often twice that!

Since then, the team has grown and is getting bigger every day!

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