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Buying the Bells in Bulk (and Affordable Alternatives)

If you're wanting to run a Prodigies music class, it can be expensive to purchase bells for all your students.

Below are a couple affordable alternatives to purchasing the bells! 

1) Use the Solfege Hand Signs
The hand-signs provide an instrument free way to use the Prodigies Playground. If you go entirely sans bells, it makes a lot of sense to start with PsP Melodies, and then once you've completed the first 5 or 6, dip back into the core curriculum (Preschool Prodigies, then Primary Prodigies). You can easily substitute all of the bell actions for hand signs. 
2) iOS Bell App
We also have an iOS Bell app for $0.99 that gives iPad and iPhone users a super cheap alternative to the bells. It's obviously not the same as playing a real instrument, but the colors and sounds match up perfectly with the videos, and it's certainly a lot more affordable than the physical bells.
3) Bell Master Case (buy 11 bells, get 1 free)
We do offer a case of 12 bells where the 12th is essentially free.
This is the bulk option we offer to classrooms and schools or anyone looking for bells for re-sale.
4) Boomwhackers
Though we don't sell these directly in our store, the C Major Diatonic Boomwhackers are another affordable alternative to the bells. It is not easy to play lots of fast notes or songs with the Boomwhackers, but for groups who split up the instruments or someone looking for a more affordable alternative, these are very popular and lots of fun.
5) Get Parents to Purchase the Instruments
Many schools have the parents purchase the instruments as part of their children being enrolled in the music program. This sometimes looks more like fund raising (help us buy new instruments for our classroom) and other times it looks more like an upfront cost or rental ($65 sign up fee and/or the bells are yours at the end of the year).

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