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How do I Upgrade my Prodigies Membership?

Want to upgrade your Prodigies membership? It's simple! Just login to your Prodigies account, and visit the account page by either clicking on the little human in the menu bar, or by clicking the "Hello, ___!" link in the top, right corner of the menu, then "My Subscriptions" from the drop down menu. 

Click "View" next to the subscription you would like to upgrade. Once inside the subscription, scroll down to "Subscription Totals" and you'll see an "Upgrade or Downgrade" button next to the subscription product.

The "Upgrade or Downgrade" button will take you directly into the shop to upgrade for the next month of access. Follow the normal checkout procedure to finalize your upgrade. 

The next time you login, you will have upgraded access.

If your previous subscription is not cancelled, send an email to and we will cancel it for you manually.

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