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When Should I Start Music Lessons with my Kids?

The short answer--

As soon as possible! Birth! In utero, even! The benefits of learning music are numerous, and as soon as babies can hear, they begin to benefit the young learner.

The longer answer--

If your child shows an interest in music, or if you're looking to give them a musical head-start for any reason, you can start music "lessons" even with babies and toddlers.

In the traditional sense, piano lessons generally begin around age 5. The problem with waiting this long is that you miss out on the critical period for auditory development, which starts to end around age 5.

Here at the Prodigies Playground, we're all about giving young children (babies, toddlers and preschoolers alike) meaningful play with individual musical notes. This will develop their life-long sense for pitch and might even unlock the rare and coveted skill of Perfect Pitch.

Plus, you can create meaningful play with musical notes in lots of fun, colorful and kid-friendly ways that don't require a ton of motor control, attention span, or the ability to read.

In other words, instead of trying to teach young children how to play an instrument, you want to focus on singing and on exposing them to musical notes in a slow, deliberate and meaningful fashion.

Your child will learn other subjects along with music like colors, numbers and preschool sight words, and it's never too early to start practicing those skills!

Further Reading

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And of course, the  Prodigies Playground is full of colorful and interactive video lessons that make music lessons for kids under 5 super fun and accessible. To see the whole scope and sequence of the Playground, check out the document below!

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