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Is Prodigies Lifetime Right for me?

Prodigies Lifetime is a great value. If you intend to use the Prodigies program for more than 3 years, you'll actually save money with a Prodigies Lifetime membership. The Prodigies Playground is growing like crazy! Soon will have elementary school content, content for the recorder, content for the piano, content for percussion and more! If you plan to encourage your child to play music for more than 3 years, Prodigies Lifetime is right for you.

If you have multiple children, this is also a great plan for you. Since you have the ability to download each video, you can have your children participating at the same time, but on different devices; for instance, one could practice at the computer, and the other with a flash drive plugged into the television.

If you have inconsistent Internet access or travel often, Lifetime can make your Playground time a lot more convenient. Instead of having to wait for the Internet to buffer, with Prodigies Lifetime watch them instantly. Since you can download the videos, you don't need wifi to conduct your music lesson.

If you plan to teach music for the next 3 years, Prodigies Lifetime is a great resource for you. As a teacher, you can't afford to depend on the unreliable Internet. Having the downloads helps ensure that your lesson goes off without a hitch! Likewise, having backup downloads of the workbook pages helps your class run just a bit smoother. The workbook PDFs are great if you need extra copies or to throw up a digital version of an activity on the projector.

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