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What is Unique about the Prodigies Playground?

The Prodigies Playground is one of the few Preschool music resources that gives students meaningful exposure to pitch. 

Many music programs don't begin until elementary school, and some that start earlier focus on learning other skills or music and movement. Preschool Prodigies gives children meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical years of early childhood. 

During this time, the brains of children are making connections, creating pathways and pulling off stunts of linguistic genius. When young children use these capabilities to learn music and develop their understanding of pitch, the whole brain is stimulated in an unparalleled way. 

Not only does the Prodigies Playground give students meaningful play with pitch, but teaches students with engaging, animated video lessons and color, cross-curricular workbook activities for each chapter. In the Prodigies workbooks, students find clear directions, challenging activities and colorful images. For teachers, there is a lesson guide at the beginning of every workbook section. This simple guide suggests objectives and essential questions, follow up activities, instructional tips, materials, and annotations for that week's video. 

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