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What if my Child is Older than Preschool Age?

The Prodigies Playground will still benefit your child, even if he or she is beyond Preschool age. Many Preschool Prodigies teachers report using the program with older children, in some cases as old as middle school. While preschool age is ideal for pitch training, learning pitch can be honed and practiced like any other skill, so don't rule out pitch training with your older learner. The Prodigies Playground teaches foundational music concepts that are helpful to learners of all ages.

Our most recent program is Primary Prodigies. The workbook activities and video segment lengths will be more age appropriate for a learner older than preschool, and don't necessarily rely on the preschool series for comprehension. Try both Preschool and Primary content with your older learner and see which one they like better!

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