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2. I just enrolled. Now what?

When you enroll through, you will receive an email order confirmation, and a welcome email from Mr. Rob.

If you don't see those e-mails, make sure to check your social/updates or spam folders!

As soon as you enroll, you access is activated. You can also pause or cancel anytime through your account settings.

You can log in at with the same username and password that you created for the shop and use the same email to login to the Prodigies Music Lessons app.

When you first login, click on the resources button at the top, then select Welcome. There are four videos there to watch to get you started. If you bought Prodigies Pro or Lifetime, you can find more videos under Training Videos in the Resources menu.

To jump right into lesson, or watch some of the videos, click on the top left link that says Playground. As you scroll down, you'll see each chapter and series available for streaming. When you click into each video's page, you'll find more information and teaching tools.

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