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Should I Buy the Bells with my Membership?

In short, yes! The curriculum is based on the bells. You wouldn't buy your child a guitar lesson without having access to a guitar. 

The deskbells are tuned accurately and built well, and are an actual instrument as opposed to toy quality like you might find in other instruments designed for children. The Prodigies Playground is designed to match the colors of these bells exactly, so to obtain the full benefit of the program, the bells are integral. 

Some parents and teachers choose to split a set of bells between two students. This works well for the more complex songs with more bells, but it makes the early lessons with only 1-3 bells difficult. The ideal set up for each child is to have his or her own set of bells, so they can participate at maximum level in each music lesson. While that is ideal, we understand that the instruments (and shipping) can be expensive. We offer an iOS instrument app that you can use with our website! It features the 8 C Major bells that we use inside the Prodigies Playground. 

It is currently available on  iOS for $0.99.

PSP Bells App for iTunes

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