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Can I use a piano with Prodigies Playground?

Totally! The Prodigies Playground works great on the piano.

If your son/daughter is in preschool (and are still developing fine motor control), it's a little bit harder. It's still doable (I taught 2-5 year olds piano for a long time). If they're more like 5+ years old, they'll have no problem.

It also helps if you have a bit of piano background so that you can help reinforce piano technique, posture, and things like that, which aren't specifically covered in the program as of 2017.

We also recommend these stickers for the piano:

These Chromanotes (TM) stickers match our program, and they're residue free which is nice. Pro tip: don't leave them on for more than a year without changing them because after a year or two, they will get a little too attached to your keys!

We have plans to create Piano Prodigies after Primary Prodigies, hopefully in 2019.

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