Which Membership is Right for me?

We offer three Prodigies memberships: GO, PRO, and LIFETIME. Our memberships come with digital access to our programs; any physical products like books or instruments are sold separately. Our memberships are intended for use with just one instructor; anything else is a violation of our terms of service.

Prodigies Go: $20/month

  • Streaming access to over 125 music lessons and songs, including Preschool Prodigies, Primary Prodigies, Holiday Prodigies, and Recorder Prodigies.
  • Read more section included for every video--great summary of lesson for parent flyers or as a quick review before you watch
  • Annotations with each video including discussion prompts, video features and times to pause & review or question
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume I
  • Basic printable elements: bell mat; yearly PSP themed calendar; characters and symbols like the rhythm fruits and veggies, the bells, chord triangles, and hand-signs
  • Four welcome videos from the creators of the program
  • Access to private Playground Facebook group
  • Customer Support 

Prodigies Pro: $200/year

  • Everything included with Prodigies Go +
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Volume II
  • PDF access to My First Songbook: Holiday Edition
  • PDF access to Preschool Prodigies Workbooks: Chapters 1-8
  • PDF access to Primary Prodigies Workbook: Chapters 1
  • PDF access to Sweet Beets Workbook
  • PDF access to PSP Melodies
  • Whole class lesson plans for Preschool Prodigies
  • 6 Playground Training Videos
  • Free download of Mr. Rob's two CDs from Nature Jams

Lifetime: $697

  • Everything included with Prodigies Pro +
  • Single downloads of every video (intended for your use only, not for sharing)
  • Never charged again, no matter how many years you use the site or how many upgrades and programs we add
  • Marketing Materials to help you sell the program to your students' parents or to your friends as an affiliate

We offer discounts when purchasing multiple memberships for multiple teachers; email orders@preschoolprodigies.com for more information on bulk discounts.

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