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2. Using Prodigies w/ Infants and Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Using Prodigies with Infants and Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Prodigies isn't primarily designed for infants and toddlers (yet). Kids at this age should have limited screen time and we are primarily a video company, and we want to be upfront about that.

That said, lots of babies and toddlers are using our videos, songs, songbooks and instrument at even just a few months old. My 9 month old daughter plays her bells all the time and we've had them as part of her routines since she was still in the womb!

We're also working on an audio series called Totigies and some toddler friendly videos inside Playtime Prodigies. 

In Playtime Prodigies, we focus on easy and instrument free practice. It's a mini-series that's still under development, but the first 5 episodes are up and more are on the way!

We've also heard of 2 year old baby geniuses kids playing through some of our Preschool Prodigies and PsP Melodies lessons. If you're excited and want to jump in with younger kids, these are good places to check out.

My 9 month old daughter doesn't get much screen time, but she does enjoy the PsP Bells App a little bit everyday and she loves some of the Playtime videos and fervently claps along, so it really depends on your kids in a lot of ways. 

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