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3. Using Prodigies w/ Preschoolers (Ages 3-6)

Using Prodigies with Preschool Kids (Ages 3-6)

This is the age where kids can really take advantage of the books, bells and videos to the fullest extent. Kids at this age are prime for developing the skill of perfect pitch and the original 8 Preschool Prodigies Chapter books will be a ton of fun for you and your kids to explore.

Whatever kind of set up you go with, keep in mind that children at this age (3-6) are prime for what we call "meaningful and memorable play with individual notes." Kids at this age aren't the best at reading music or playing the piano, but they have the unique skill of being able to develop perfect pitch in this time frame, so focus on the individual sounds and concepts in Preschool Prodigies and PsP Melodies to make the most of the 3-6 years.

At this age, you'll be working mostly from Preschool Prodigies, but you'll be able to mix in PsP Melodies lessons as you go to keep things fresh and also to help reinforce the hand-signs.

Anytime you're instrument free, you'll want to work from PsP Melodies. Then once your kids get the hang of the hand-signs, they'll be able to use them wherever they might otherwise be using an instrument.

You'll also be able to explore the Easy level of Holiday Prodigies and the early Chapters of Primary Prodigies. 

Finally, Performance Prodigies consists of a lot of 3 note songs in the treble clef. Many of the songs come straight from the Preschool Prodigies series, just in a more Orff styled format. 

Learn more about using Prodigies in the Preschool Classroom here

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